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Recent Boat Lifts

  • Florida yacht management

    Written By Fort Lauderdale Dock For Rent: Available Now! on July 12th      •      Comments Off on Florida yacht management      •      

    Florida yacht management is your one stop for all your boating needs. We provide haul out service in addition, we are a full service maintenance and repair shop. We can also provide you with monthly maintenance plans to make...

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  • Lauderdale Marine Center

    Lauderdale Marine Center

    Written By Lauderdale Marine Center on July 12th      •      Comments Off on Lauderdale Marine Center      •      

    Operational August 2017

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  • LMC 75 Ton Travel Lift

    Written By rc on October 29th      •      Comments Off on LMC 75 Ton Travel Lift      •      

    This is the smallest of the travel lifts at Lauderdale Marine Center. Additional mobile boat hoists at LMC include: 330 ton travel lift 100 ton travel lift Information about dockage at LMC

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  • Rattlesnake Marine Center

    Written By rc on October 6th      •      Comments Off on Rattlesnake Marine Center      •      

    “In addition to the passion and innovation of its owners and the knowledge and experience of its technicians, Rattlesnake Marine Center boasts the space, versatility, equipment and technology to service your yacht the right way. Stop by the facility...

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  • Dakota Creek

    Written By rc on October 6th      •      Comments Off on Dakota Creek      •      

    Shipyard Features: Syncrolift Shiplift — 306′ x 75′ – 5,000 ton lifting capacity Drydock — 314′ x 90′ – 9,000 ton lifting capacity Fabrication Building — 300′ x 100′ – radiant heating, environmental exhaust system and 2- 10 ton...

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  • HLCM


    Written By rc on December 2nd      •      Comments Off on HLCM      •      

    With a large amount of yacht building moving to Chinese shipyards, why not consider a Chinese produced travel lift? HLCM ( an acronym much easier than WenZhou HeLi Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd) has been builting high capacity lifts all  kinds of commercial...

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  • Colonna’s Shipyard

    Written By rc on November 11th      •      Comments Off on Colonna’s Shipyard      •      

    The Colonna’s facility is ideally located approximately two (2) miles from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and ten (10) miles from U.S. Naval Station, Norfolk, VA. Colonna’s occupies seventy (70) acres of land, with water access to over three thousand...

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  • Lunenburg Shipyard – Industrial Foundry

    Written By rc on November 11th      •      Comments Off on Lunenburg Shipyard – Industrial Foundry      •      

    Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering has been providing a wide variety of high quality products since its establishment in 1891. From its location on two waterfront sites in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, the company has serviced both local needs and...

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  • Jefferson Beach Marina

    Written By rc on September 23rd      •      Comments Off on Jefferson Beach Marina      •      

    Jefferson Beach is one of the largest scale marina’s on Lake St. Clair. A great option if you are looking for a one stop shop in a professional package. Depths can be limited so check with them if you...

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  • Burgess Marine

    Written By rc on April 30th      •      Comments Off on Burgess Marine      •      

    syncrolift portchester Map Data Terms of Use Syncrolift Portchester Syncrolift in action The facilities at our Trafalgar Wharf site include a hangar of approximately 5,000m which houses three overhead 15T gantry cranes. The ship cradles can move vessels of...

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